What if my child wants to change his or her specialty before the start of the camp?

If there is still availability this will not be a problem!  Just inform us via email as soon as possible so we can try our best to be accommodating.

What if my child wants to change his or her specialty after the start of the camp?

Unfortunately, we need to plan for an appropriate number of specialty teachers and materials for our camp.  As a result, your child will need to stick with the specialty that he or she chooses prior to the start of the camp.  However, we will make every effort to allow him or her to choose electives that fit their individual interests.

Your camp is more expensive than other town-run options.  Why is that?

Camp Viva only hires the best of the best.  Many of our staff are at the top of their field, and they are dedicating their time to share their passions and experiences with your children.  Our Director is a full-time educator who knows how to connect to, engage with, and educate children of all ages, abilities, and mindsets.  Our junior staff are hand picked as the best of the best in their communities.  There are no job interviews at Camp Viva, only personal referrals.

Our selection of unique electives also sets us apart.  There is nowhere else that your child will be able to choose their own path and experience the types of activities that they will be a part of at Camp Viva.

If your child wants to do the typical summer camp activities all day long, we encourage you to send them to your local town-run camps.  But if your child wants an experience that introduces him or her to the unique activities that we have to offer, we know Camp Viva is worth a small premium.

What makes your staff more qualified to look after my kids?

Camp Viva shouldn't be seen as a place you ship your kids for the week.  Our mission is to educate, enrich, and enliven your children's lives for the 25 hours per week they spend with us.  

Hiring educators, aspiring educators, parents, and professionals in their fields, we are dedicated not only to the development of the child, but also to the certainty that he or she has the experience of a lifetime.

Is there a sibling discount?

Yes!  We offer a 10% discount for siblings.  Use promo code: 'siblings2019' when registering more than one child per family. 


Please contact andrea@campviva.com for additional details.